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Genome Retrieval Script (GRS) and PRIMED

Genome Retrieval Script (GRS) is a Python-based customizable, open source code for genome analysis. GRS comes with detailed directions about how it can be modified to retrieve custom sequences from any annotated genome.
Using GRS, the authors created PRIMED: the complete PRIMEr Database for deleting and C-terminally tagging every protein-coding gene in the main S. pombe and five of the most commonly used S. cerevisiae strains (S288C, RM11–1A, SK1, W303, and Y55). In addition to protein-coding genes, the authors also provide the complete deletion primer set for deleting all noncoding RNAs in each genome. PRIMED has been tested for accuracy and is available for download in Excel format.

The publication describing the software and the primers it generated is available in PLOS ONE.